Pineal gland


The pineal gland is a very small but important gland in the center of your brain. Hidden deep in the limbic system, with the appearance of a pine cone and the size of a pea, it plays an important role in many physical and mental processes. This gland is also called the interface between inside and outside. This gland plays a powerful role in our well-being and consciousness.
Have you ever heard of the Third Eye? And have you ever heard the instruction to put the tip of your tongue against your palate while meditating? Now imagine going into your brain through your third eye. And that you draw a line from the point in your palate to your fontanel (most people can feel a very small dimple at the back of your head – that’s the fontanel). Right at this intersection where these two lines meet is your pineal gland!

The pineal gland is also called epiphysis and is a so-called endocrine gland in the brain, i.e. releases hormones into the blood and spinal fluid. As an organ, it has developed in “higher” vertebrates (mammals) from the so-called Third Eye.


The pineal gland is a light-sensitive organ, connected to our wake and sleep rhythm and produces, among other things, the hormone melatonin. The pineal is a small gland (weighs only 50-150 milligrams, measures 5 x 7 mm) with a crucial function. It is the first gland to form in the fetus and can be recognized as early as 3 weeks. It gets the best blood, oxygen and a mix of nutrients in development as a baby! This gland is an important link in the sleep-wake rhythm, and therefore the daily rhythm. It ensures a good night’s sleep and is also an antioxidant to protect us against an excess of free radicals.
If there is a jet lag with many hours of time difference, this is because this gland is out of whack. In order for this gland to do its job properly, it is therefore important to maintain a regular daily rhythm, to see sufficient light during the day and not to be too active in the evening.
It also produces neurotransmitters, such as serotonin. About 15% of serotonin comes from the pineal gland. This hormone regulates the psycho-emotional state of a person.
It relieves stress, regulates smooth muscle tension and is produced during the day.
Together with, among others, the pituitary gland, it forms the entire system that regulates the gonads and the growth of the body.
The pineal gland has an inhibitory effect on the thyroid gland.
And finally, the hormones of the pineal gland have another important function, namely that these hormones inhibit growth hormone. They also inhibit the unwanted and uncontrollable growth of cells that we call cancer. A melatonin deficiency has all sorts of nasty effects, including promoting chronic fatigue syndrome and contributing to the growth of breast and colon cancer.


Eye of Horus

For this meditation training, however, the spiritual effect is even more important. In various cultures, the pineal gland was already regarded as the seat of the soul or gateway to the realm of spirits.

Oog van Horus

The philosopher Descartes spent a lot of time studying the pineal gland and assumed that the pineal gland was the central place for body-soul interaction and called the pineal gland the “seat of the soul”.
In the Hindu tradition it is referred to as ‘Third Eye’. With the Sumerians and the Egyptians we find indications that indicate that people already knew about the existence and importance of this gland. For example, images have been found of a Sumerian god with a pine cone in his hand. Also, the resemblance of a dissected part of the brain to the central gland and the so-called “eye of Horus” is too strong to be coincidental.

For many indigenous peoples in South America, the pineal gland is seen as the doorway between the material and spiritual worlds. It is also called the cosmic antenna. In addition to producing melatonin, the pineal gland also produces dimethyltryptamine (DMT) (see below). This psychedelic substance is also widely found in the plant and animal kingdoms and is used by Shamans to travel through “the realm of spirits” (interdimensionally); it is also found in the plants used in ayahuasca ceremonies.
Tibetan Buddhism reverts to shamanistic practices from the original Bon religion. One is dream yoga, where you consciously go through the different stages of sleep (and dream).
The pineal gland, as mentioned, has the shape of a pine cone. The symbol of the pine cone can be found in all religions and in Freemasonry. On the top of the staff of Osiris is a pine cone, just like on the staff of the Pope.


Small as this gland may be, it is an enormously refined organ. Inside the cells of the pineal gland are small crystals, which are sensitive to light, among other things. They serve as transmitters and receivers on both a biological and spiritual level. Unfortunately, these crystals become clogged by our contemporary lifestyle. The resulting calcification is mainly due to substances such as fluoride, mercury and pesticides in our food and drinking water. In the 1970s, physician Hans Moolenburgh fought against the fluoridation of Dutch tap water and succeeded. The Netherlands is one of the few western countries where tap water is not fluoridated. In one of his books he explained how fluoride – a waste product of the aluminum industry – was added to the drinking water in German concentration camps to keep the prisoners quiet.

To prevent the gland from becoming even more calcified, it is best to avoid the following:
Sodium Fluoride: This is in most toothpastes. Always choose a toothpaste without fluoride such as the Saline toothpaste from Weleda.
Calcium Supplements: Calcium greatly calcifies the pineal gland. Make sure you get enough ‘good’ calcium through healthy food. You can do this by eating chai seed, green vegetables such as spinach, quinoa, oranges and broccoli.
Tap water: preferably drink filtered water; most tap water contains many calcifying substances.
Pesticides: preferably eat organic fruit and vegetables.
Sugar, caffeine, alcohol and tobacco: Eliminating these substances provides a boost to your pineal gland.
Mercury: If you like to eat wild fish, pay attention to this.
There is enough to be found about the ‘additions’ in most vaccines that can cause damage. In order not to get into whole discussions and controversies, we will not go into this further here. The Buddha would say: do your own research.

To promote descaling, the following things are healthy to consume:
Raw cocoa, a powerful anti-oxidant. Chocolate that goes towards 100% cocoa therefore has several advantages!
Garlic: is a great descaler, because it dissolves calcium.
Lemon Juice:- Starting every morning with lemon juice dissolved in water helps to descale.
Raw apple cider vinegar – Not only great as a descaler, but it is also packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes.
Vitamin K1 and K2 – K1 can be found in green leafy vegetables and the K2 can be found mainly in eggs, real grass-fed butter, fermented Japanese soy and sauerkraut.
Chlorella generally helps to detoxify, and also works to decalcify this gland.
Finally, bananas, dates, pumpkin seeds and nuts stimulate the production of tryptophan in the pineal gland and are therefore recommended to consume regularly.


Once your pineal gland is activated, you will begin to experience changes in your life. Both physically and emotionally. For example, many people experience greater creativity and choose to live and eat much healthier, unhealthy food tastes less and less. Your intuition will become stronger and you will become more sensitive to the energies of others. The feeling of unity can be strengthened (oneness). Your frequency increases and your thoughts can manifest faster, because you are better able to follow your feeling.


Just like humans, animals also have a pineal gland. In many animals, however, this is much more developed, so that they are able to work together as a ‘one-mind’. Just think of a huge flock of birds, or a group of dolphins that move smoothly together. They communicate with each other telepathically. They all work together as a collective whole for the good of the group.
If man were capable of the same, the world would change and become a lot more harmonious. We would then realize that together we are one. And many times more powerful than what some ’those in power’ and the media would have us believe.