Our slogan: bring light into your life

A down-to-earth,practical and in-depth approach to Zen practice.That is Zen Centre Eindhoven. Our logo, a lotus flower, reflects this perfectly: feet in the mud, head in the air. Participate in one of the activities in our program and experience it for yourself.

Introduction courses

The introduction courses from October – December, January – March and April – June offer a great way to become acquainted with Zen meditation.
Topics covered include: physical posture and mental attitude during meditation, the role of breathing, attention (mindfulness), core Buddhist concepts, rituals and the structure of the ongoing groups.
In brief, the introduction course provides you with a firm foundation in meditation in order to continue further with it either independently or in a group.

What is zen

In answer to this question, there are 3 kinds of answer which can be given. The first answer relates to history. In this context Zen is an abbreviation of Zen Buddhism: the Buddhist school which has its origins in China and Japan. The second answer relates to practice. In this context Zen is the
abbreviation of Zazen: sitting meditation. This is central to what we ‘’do’’ in the group sessions. Finally Zen is what the practice brings you, and also what the teachers at Zen Centre Eindhoven place the accent on: the readiness to open yourself to life just as it is. Exploring and accepting who you are, what
you are, what your life is.

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To start with our next course in May 2017! Six lessons of 2 hours, together with practicing at home, gives you a solid foundation in meditation. Costs are 129 euro including a meditation cushion!
Course starts on Wednesday 17th of May from 20-22 hrs. This is a combined Dutch-English introduction course.

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